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Beatriz Ramos, Arquitecta española radicada en Holanda del estudio Star, Redactora Jefe de MONU nos manda la noticia de la nueva aparición de la revista MONU nº 13 con esta sugerente portada. Por nuestra parte un autentico acierto ya que la simbiosis entre la nueva cultura urbana que se desata con el movimiento rock en las ciudades unido a la eclosión de New York como centro de internacional de nuevas formas y teorías. Lugar de encuentro de personas que quieren cambiar el mundo. Es sin duda el punto 0 de la nueva era de las ciudades. Enhorabuena por esta singular mescolanza.

When John Lennon was photographed by the legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Bob Gruen, wearing a New York City T-shirt in the year 1974, he proudly expressed his love for the city of New York. For Lennon, although born in Liverpool, New York City was without doubt the most valuable city...continue reading on


Most T-shirtable Cities
By Mika Savela
Evaluation City - Post Industrial’s Most Valuable Urbanism By Melissa Dittmer and Amy Bos
Within a Day By Bobby Shen
Urban Perception of Happiness By Luciano Alfaya and Patricia Muñiz
The Urban Rhythm By Karin Aue and Jeffrey Koh
Tales of Nail Houses By Human Wu
Wonder Full By Bas van der Horst, Hans Larsson, and Michiel van Loon
The Crumbles of the Cake - Interview with Ruraigh Purcell By Bernd Upmeyer
The Systematic Thinking Livability Rankings Imply By Klaas Kresse
Is Livability Overrated? Notes on a Transactional Urbanism By Matthew Johnson
Berlin Tempelhofer Feld – A Field for the Public By Hans Frei
L.A.’s Optimistic Urbanism By John Southern
The Value of Ugliness By Jürgen Krusche
The Strategic City By Jennifer W. Leung
Climbing up the Rank Ladder By Karl Beelen, Roos Gerritsen, and A. Srivathsan
Vancouverism is Everywhere By DoUC (Brendan Cormier and Christopher Pandolfi)
Vienna: Slow capital? By Stefan Gruber ORDER
a single copy or 1,2,3-year subscription at

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