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Jørn Utzon Borealis v2.0 (at the Utzon Center, DK)

The installation Jørn Utzon Borealis is a personal approach to the work of this great Danish architect, translated to an audiovisual and contemporary media. Thinking about the Utzon’s work brings to mind thoughts of clouds, northern lights, and ethereal dream-like feelings for me. Most particularly the dramatic roofs of his buildings, floating over massive, robust and rational bases. I feel that Utzon taught us how to be lyrical and rational at the same time, how to dream the contemporary, discovering new hidden possibilities within Modern Architecture. Utzon’s investigations provide profound lessons for me, inspiring an understanding of how architecture should be now: delicate, suggestive, reactive, using contemporary technologies and capturing our zeitgeist. Jørn Utzon Borealis aspires to be a non-tectonic, audiovisual approach to 21st century architecture – a meditation about the experience of spatial sensation, using video and sound.

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