Emirates Glass LEAF Awards


Dear Colleague,

The closing date for entry to this year's Emirates Glass LEAF Awards is fast approaching, with entries now flooding in fast you only have a couple of weeks to make sure your entries are considered for a prestigious LEAF Award.

The entry deadline is 15th May 2011. To register your project please Click Here

Now in its eighth year, the Emirates Glass LEAF Awards honours the architects designing the buildings and solutions that are setting the benchmark in the global architectural community. The awards are open to all individuals and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the world of architecture. Previous winners have included Zaha Hadid, David Chipperfield, SOM, Steven Holl and Terry Farrell.

To reflect the feedback and the varied entries in 2010 we are pleased to announce there will be three new categories for the 2011 Emirates Glass Leaf Awards these are Best Sustainable Technology Incorporated into a Building 2011 , Best Sustainable Development in keeping with its Environment and International Offsite Construction Project of the Year 2011.

To download your entry form click here now

We look forward to yet another year of celebrating the best that global architecture has to offer and look forward to seeing you in London on the 16th of September when we announce our 2011 winners.

Should you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Suzanne Ellingham
Awards Director
T: +44 (0)20 7406 6540
E: suzanneellingham@arena-international.com

*All building projects completed between the 1st of January 2010 and the 15th of May 2011 are eligible for entry

Dan Phillips construye casas originales reciclando materiales


En esta divertida y perspicaz conferencia de TEDxHouston, el constructor Dan Phillips nos muestra algunos de los hogares que ha edificado en Texas con materiales reciclados y con un gran ingenio. Estos brillantes y sencillos diseños te ayudarán a refrescar tus propios impulsos creativos.

Translated into Spanish by Amaranta Heredia Jaén
Reviewed by Isabel M. Martos Maldonado
Comments? Please email the translators above.

Dan Phillips builds homes out of recycled and reclaimed materials in Huntsville, Texas.

Why you should listen to him:

Dan Phillips is a designer and builder in Huntsville, Texas. In 1998, he and his wife, Marsha, started The Phoenix Commotion, a construction company that builds affordable houses from reclaimed and recycled materials. Their mission is to divert landfill waste while creating sustainable housing for single mothers, artists, and families with low incomes. The Phoenix Commotion keeps labor costs low while reclaiming human potential. They use an apprentice program to teach sustainable building skills to individuals that volunteer or intern on the Phoenix Commotion Crew.

The houses are energy-efficient, cheap and satisfying to build -- and wildly, effervescently creative. To the Phillipses, any material used in enough multiples creates a beautiful pattern -- so Phoenix Commotion homes are covered and decorated with salvaged materials of many stripes. Homes are built in concert with their eventual owner, who contributes sweat equity and their own artistic flair.

"Mr. Phillips said his biggest reward was giving less-fortunate people the opportunity to own a home and watching them develop a sense of satisfaction and self-determination in the course of building it."
New York Times
Dan Phillips on the Web

The Phoenix Commotion is a local building initiative created to prove that constructing homes with recycled and salvaged materials has a viable place in the building industry. This process uses only apprentice labor and teaches marketable skills to anyone with a work ethic who is willing to swing a hammer. By keeping labor costs low and using donated or found materials, the homes created are truly affordable. No two are alike due to the myriad of materials used, so there is an artistic element that makes Phoenix Commotion homes unique. We target single parents, artists, and families with low incomes. We require the homeowner to be involved with the planning and construction of his or her own home. The result is a person who is empowered, not only by the useful knowledge of building skills, but by the opportunity to become part of a community as a vested participant.

Home: phoenixcommotion.com

Interview: Dan Phillips in NYTimes

WAF Awards Interiors and Fit Out category evolves into new interiors festival and awards programme


WAF delegates gain free entry to sister event

INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors CCIB, Barcelona 2-3 November 2011

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2011 Interiors and Fit Out category has evolved into an innovative new festival in its own right that will celebrate the most inspired and accomplished interiors around the world.

Named Inside, the brand-new sister event to WAF will run from the 2-3 November 2011 at the CCIB across two days of WAF. All delegates who purchase a visitor pass for WAF will be able to visit Inside free of charge, and vice versa.

INSIDE is launching during Milan Design Week with an exclusive dinner at Tom Dixon’s pop-up restaurant Parlement.

With the fabulous city of Barcelona as a backdrop, Inside is set to become one of the most important fixtures on the international design calendar, with new and established designers, clients and leading industry figures rubbing shoulders over two exciting days in November.

The core of Inside is an innovative awards scheme judged by some of the best names in the business, including Ilse Crawford, Andre Fu, Ross Lovegrove and Paul Priestman. Rather than schemes being judged behind closed doors, leading design names will pitch against each other in live presentations to win the accolade World Interior of the Year.

Inside will be a striking showpiece in itself – courtesy of rising graphic design stars, Multistorey and Frank (collaborators with Established and Sons) who will create a dynamic exhibition space with a dramatic, central bar/café serving fabulous Spanish food.

Inside will also feature an inspiring talks programme curated by Programme Director Claire Barrett including topics such as: Can interior design make food taste better? Heal You? Make you work better? Spend better? Help you escape? Other unmissable highlights include product showcases and installations exploring the culture of interior design across the world, as well as parties and fringe events throughout the city. 

Judge Paul Priestman, co-director at Priestmangoode, said:

‘The nature of our industry is changing and we now operate in an increasingly global market. With its inclusion of interiors projects from around the world, INSIDE gives great insight into interior design practice today, and is a unique opportunity to look at developments in interior design across a wide range of industries, like health, hospitality and transport.’

Inside will be a buzzing hub for exchanging ideas and seeing the very latest in design from around the world – giving visitors an instant snapshot of the international interiors scene. Entries are now open at www.insidefestival.com.


Note to editors:

• Inside is the sister event to Barcelona's World Architecture Festival launched in 2008.

• Inside UK launch will be at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May 2011).

• Inside Award Categories: Hotels

               Bars and Restaurants


               Culture and Civic






               Creative Re-use


• Timeline: 12 April – Entry period opens

               30 June – Entry period closes

               7 July – Shortlisting by expert judging panel

               31 August – Shortlist announced

               2-3 November – Live judging takes place in Barcelona

               3 November – Winner of World Interior of the Year announced

Greg Lynn habla del cálculo en la arquitectura


Greg Lynn habla de las bases matemáticas de la arquitectura y de cómo el cálculo y las herramientas digitales permiten a los diseñadores modernos ir más allá de las formas tradicionales de construcción. Una gloriosa iglesia en Queens (y un juego de té de titanio) ilustran su teoría.

Greg Lynn is the head of Greg Lynn FORM, an architecture firm known for its boundary-breaking, biomorphic shapes and its embrace of digital tools for design and fabrication.

Why you should listen to him:

Who says great architecture must be proportional and symmetrical? Not Greg Lynn. He and his firm, Greg Lynn FORM, have been pushing the edges of building design, by stripping away the traditional dictates of line and proportion and looking into the heart of what a building needs to be.

A series of revelations about building practice -- "Vertical structure is overrated"; "Symmetry is bankrupt" -- helped Lynn and his studio conceptualize a new approach, which uses calculus, sophisticated modeling tools, and an embrace of new manufacturing techniques to make buildings that, at their core, enclose space in the best possible way. The New York Presbyterian church that Lynn designed with Douglas Garofalo and Michael McInturf, collaborating remotely, is a glorious example of this -- as a quiet industrial building is transformed into a space for worship and contemplation with soaring, uniquely shaped and tuned elements.

In a sort of midcareer retrospective, the book Greg Lynn Form (watch the video) was released in October 2008; recently, Lynn has collaborated with the video team Imaginary Forces on the New City installation as part of the MOMA exhibit "Design and the Elastic Mind." In November 2008, FORM won a Golden Lion at the Venice Bienniale for its exhibition Recycled Toy Furniture.

"There are architects who love the Parthenon. Greg Lynn has a thing for the blob."
Time.com's Time 100 2005

Translated into Spanish by Sebastian Betti
Reviewed by Fernando Castillo Díaz
Comments? Please email the translators above.

Greg Lynn on the Web

Homepage: FORM

El manantial (The Fountainhead)


El manantial (The Fountainhead) es una película basada en la novela El manantial, de Ayn Rand. Sigue fielmente la trama argumental básica de la novela, aunque, como es lógico, dejando fuera muchas subtramas del libro.

Fue realizada en 1949, dirigida por King Vidor y está protagonizada por Gary Cooper (Howard Roark), Patricia Neal (Dominique Francon), Raymond Massey (Gail Wynand) y Kent Smith (Peter Keating).

El guión fue escrito por Ayn Rand, y controlado minuciosamente por ella misma de una forma completamente desacostumbrada en Hollywood, donde los estudios se toman todo tipo de libertades con los guiones originales. En varias ocasiones durante el rodaje, Ayn amenazó con suspender todo el proyecto si el guión sufría la más leve modificación.

Ayn Rand quería que los diseños arquitectónicos que aparecen en la película fuesen hechos por Frank Lloyd Wright, el arquitecto real que inspira parcialmente al arquitecto de ficción, Howard Roark. Lloyd Wright pedía tanto dinero por sus diseños que los estudios vetaron esta posibilidad.

Tanto Gary Cooper como Ayn Rand no quedaron satisfechos con la película. Gary Cooper, quizás ya demasiado mayor para un papel que en libro corresponde a un hombre joven, pronunció el famoso discurso final sin entenderlo realmente, cosa que se nota en la entonación y el énfasis. Incluso se disculpó ante Ayn Rand y le ofreció volver a rodar la escena, oferta que Ayn rechazó. Ayn Rand tuvo que luchar mucho para mantener la integridad del guión, y aún así tampoco quedó satisfecha con la película, llegando a afirmar que lo único bueno que tenía era que conseguiría nuevos lectores para la novela.

No obstante, la película es muy apreciada hoy en día en círculos objetivistas. En las redes P2P los seguidores de Ayn Rand distribuyen fragmentos de audio o vídeo de la película.

Parte del éxito de la película vino del hecho de que la novela se convirtió en una lectura popular entre los soldados norteamericanos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Mensaje político

La película contiene un mensaje político que coincide con la filosofía objetivista randiana. Describe parte de dicha filosofía, aunque según la propia Ayn Rand no quedó del todo conforme con el resultado. Howard Roark es el prototipo de hombre dentro de esta filosofía y Ellsworth Toohey, columnista del periódico, es su antítesis, un hombre cuyo pensamiento podríamos definir en el siguiente extracto del libro en que se basa esta película:

El problema básico del mundo moderno, es la falacia intelectual de considerar que la libertad y la coerción son opuestos. Para resolver los gigantescos problemas que agitan el mundo de hoy, debemos esclarecer nuestra confusión mental. Debemos adquirir una perspectiva filosófica. En esencia, libertad y coerción son la misma cosa. Les daré un ejemplo: los semáforos restringen su libertad de cruzar la calle cuando lo desean. Pero esa restricción les da la libertad de no ser atropellados por un camión. Si se les diera un trabajo y se les prohibiera abandonarlo, se restringiría la libertad de sus carreras, pero se les daría la libertad de no temer al desempleo. Siempre que se impone una nueva coerción sobre nosotros, automáticamente ganamos una nueva libertad. Las dos son inseparables. Sólo aceptando la coerción total podemos conseguir nuestra libertad total.

El filósofo marxista Slavoj Žižek ha dicho que El manantial es "la mejor película estadounidense de todos los tiempos".[1]

  1. Žižek! (2005), documental de Astra Taylor

Enlaces externos

The Fountainhead

El manantial

Ficha técnica

King Vidor

Henry Blanke

Ayn Rand

Max Steiner

Robert Burks

Gary Cooper(Howard Roark)
Patricia Neal (Dominique Francon)
Raymond Massey (Gail Wynand)
Kent Smith (Peter Keating)
Robert Douglas
Henry Hull

Datos y cifras

Estados Unidos



114 minutos

Politics of Fabrication Laboratory (Valparaiso 1-12 Agosto 2011 Workshop)


Desde la Architectural Association para difundir que están organizando una escuela visitante o workshop y un symposium de 12 días, ha desarrollarse en agosto de este año, en Valparaiso y específicamente en la Ciudad Abierta.

Más información se puede encontrar en:

A continuación los afiches enviados del evento con la información



Michael Pawlyn: usando el genio de la Naturaleza en la arquitectura


¿Cómo pueden construir los arquitectos un mundo nuevo de belleza sostenible? Aprendiendo de la Naturaleza. En el TEDSalon de Londres Michael Pawlyn describe tres hábitos de la Naturaleza que podrían transformar la arquitectura y la sociedad: la eficiencia radical en el uso de recursos, los circuitos cerrados y la energía solar.

Translated into Spanish by Sebastian Betti
Reviewed by Veronica Vera
Comments? Please email the translators above.

Michael Pawlyn takes cues from nature to make new, sustainable architectural environments.

Why you should listen to him:

Michael Pawlyn established the architecture firm Exploration in 2007 to focus on environmentally sustainable projects that take their inspiration from nature.
Prior to setting up the company, Pawlyn worked with the firm Grimshaw for ten years and was central to the team that radically re-invented horticultural architecture for the Eden Project. He was responsible for leading the design of the Warm Temperate and Humid Tropics Biomes and the subsequent phases that included proposals for a third Biome for plants from dry tropical regions. In 1999 he was one of five winners in A Car-free London, an ideas competition for strategic solutions to the capital’s future transport needs and new possibilities for urban spaces. In September 2003 he joined an intensive course in nature-inspired design at Schumacher College, run by Amory Lovins and Janine Benyus. He has lectured widely on the subject of sustainable design in the UK and abroad.

His Sahara Forest Project, covered in this TEDTalk, recently won major funding >>

Michael Pawlyn on the Web

Home: exploration-architecture.com

Arquitectura romántica y moderna por Reed Kroloff


Reed Kroloff nos da una nueva mirada para juzgar la nueva arquitectura: ¿es moderna o romántica? Busca imágenes magníficas de dos prácticas principales -- y una crítica feroz del proceso de planificación posterior al 11-S.

Translated into Spanish by Nathali Robledo
Reviewed by Sebastian Betti
Comments? Please email the translators above.

With an outspoken approach to the problems of rebuilding cites and a fearless eye for design, Reed Kroloff is helping to change the urban landscape of cities from New York to New Orleans.

Why you should listen to him:

Already known throughout the architecture community for his award-winning tenure as editor-in-chief of Architecture magazine, Reed Kroloff came to the attention of the country at large after Hurricane Katrina. As Dean of Architecture at Tulane University, he was responsible for bringing back 97% of the school's student body and 100% of its faculty after the disaster. In 2005, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin appointed Kroloff to the Bring New Orleans Back Commission to assist in the reconstruction of the city, and to help avoid creating, in Kroloff's words, "a bad cartoon version of what New Orleans actually is."

His searing 2006 essay "Black Like Me" lays out the frustrations of a citizen of post-Katrina New Orleans -- "the slow-burning frustration of being at the table but not invited to sit down." It's typical of his desire to look past simple aesthetics to the emotional heart of any building project.

Kroloff left New Orleans in 2007 to become the director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He continues to promote excellence in urban design through his writing and his consulting firm Jones | Kroloff. He is also an active organizer and adviser for dozens of New Public Works competitions designed to choose architects for high-profile projects, including the Motown Center in Detroit, and a signature building for the University of Connecticut campus (the contract for which was awarded to Frank Gehry).

"Mr. Kroloff can afford to be cheeky."

Fred Bernstein, New York Times

Reed Kroloff on the Web
Topic: SHoP Architects PC
Topic: Rockwell Group
Firm: Jones | Kroloff Design Services
School: Cranbrook Academy of Art

Essay: "Black Like Me"

Arquitectura hecha de materiales inertes, Rachel Amstrong


Venecia, en Italia, se está hundiendo. Para salvarla, Rachel Amstrong dice que necesitamos superar la arquitectura hecha de materiales inertes y hacer arquitectura que crezca por sí misma. Ella propone un material "no del todo vivo" que hace sus propias reparaciones y, además, captura el carbono.

TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong researches "metabolic materials" -- construction materials that possess some of the properties of living systems, and can be manipulated to "grow" architecture.

Why you should listen to her:

Rachel Armstrong is a medical doctor, multi-media producer, science fiction author and arts collaborator. Her current research explores architectural design and mythologies about new technology. She is working with scientists and architects to explore cutting-edge, sustainable technologies.

Armstrong's hope is that, in the future, cities will be able to replace the energy they draw from the environment, respond to the needs of their populations and eventually become regarded as "alive" -- in the same way we think about parks or gardens. Since "metabolic materials" are made from terrestrial chemistry, they would not be exclusive to the developed world, and would have the potential to transform urban environments worldwide.

"Scientists need to work outside their own areas of expertise to make new technologies that are pertinent to the 21st century and to collaborate, both with other scientific disciplines and the arts and humanities."

Rachel Armstrong


Described as "cutting edge science based on experimental evidence", tomorrow I'll be down at SciFi, London at a uniquely stimulating talk before disappearing on a bank hols Monday into my own research.
I'd strongly request you come down to Sci Fi London if you've any interest at peering at the future of the creation of life through artificial and synthetic life forms.
I'm chairing the debate - a fancy way of saying I'll stay the heck away from any dense debate and let them continue uninterrupted. I got a degree in Applied chemistry, not a PHD
So it features some of the most respected figures in their field, two of whom I have come to know as cohorts on my research programme.
Dr Rachel Armstrong talking here about her cytoplasmic manifesto. The nub, gene theory to explain meaning of life is incomplete.

And then Bruce Damer whose work in simulating life through synthetic organisms has seen him work with Nasa, among others, will present his video.
Here's the line up from the sci fi London Page

Profesor George Attard School of Chemistry, Southampton, whose diverse research activities span the traditional disciplines of physical chemistry/chemical physics, materials science, biochemistry and immunology.

Peter Bentley Popular Science author whose field of interest includes Evolutionary Computation, Engineering Design, Computer Art, and Artificial Life.

Rachel Armstrong SF author and doctor, who has appeared extensively in the media and at international conferences speculating on the future of humankind, non Darwinian techniques of evolution and the challenges of the extra-terrestrial environment.

Dr Rachel Armstrong
MA [Cantab] BMBCh [Oxon]

Personal Profile

Dr Rachel Armstrong is a writer, multimedia producer, television presenter, arts collaborator and general medical practitioner specializing in non-Darwinian techniques of evolution and the challenges of the extra-terrestrial environment. She regards the discipline of architecture as holding a unique place in the cultural imagination being simultaneously iconic and personal, and which offers an ideal forum to engage with and reimagine our experience of the world so that we can reinvent our role within it. She is a Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett and member of Professor Neil Spiller’s AVATAR Research Group, developing a new architectural methodology called Systems Architecture, which is which is the study of complexity within the discipline of the built environment that enables the convergence of the nano-bio-info-cogno technologies and extends from the macroscale flow of information to the micro scale organization of building materials. She has worked as a technical tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture with students exploring the connections between biology, medicine and architecture. She was technical advisor to international performance artists such as Orlan and Stelarc on projects that explored the possibilities and implications of extreme anatomical and biotechnical modification and is the author and producer of a large range of multimedia projects and digital medical programmes ranging from printed literature to virtual reality and the Internet. Her first Science-Fiction novel ‘The Gray’s Anatomy’ was published in 2001 by Serpent’s Tail. She was also an editor of an Art & Design Issue entitled ‘Sci-Fi Aesthetics’, released in 1997 by Wiley-Academy, and ‘Space Architecture’ for Architectural Design in 2001. She has published extensively on post-human evolution and alien phenomena, working at the intersection of art, science and technology.


Selected publications

‘The Gray's Anatomy’ Serpent’s Tail, UK 2001. ISBN: 1852426357
Masters of the Universe, Science, politics and the new space race (edited by Melissa Mean and James Wilsdon)
“Space Tourism” P58
Hendy Banks, London 2004
ISBN: 1-84180-119-4
MIR 2003
Extremeophiles, Surviving in Space
Short Story entitled ‘Extremeophiles’
By Dr Rachel Armstrong
The Arts Catalyst’s 3rd International Science & Art Conference.
In association with the ICA
Royal Institution, September 19, London 2003

The Cyborg Experiments:The Extensions of the Body in the Media Age
By Joanna Zylinska
Chapter 11, Anger, Art and Medicine: Working with Orlan, P172 -178
Published by Continuum International Publishing Group, 2002
ISBN 082645903X, 9780826459039
Architecture – the subject is matter (edited by Jonathan Hill)
“Wet Architecture” P 239-248
Taylor and Francis Books Ltd., Hampshire 2001
ISBN: 0415-2354-64
2001: Building for Space Travel (edited by John Zukowsky)
Harry Abrams Inc., Publishers in association with the Art Institute of Chicago
“The Future of Space Tourism” P 175-179
New York, 2001
ISBN: 0-8108-4490-1 (hardcover)
ISBN: 0-86559-188-1 (AIC pbk.)
I levitate, what’s next (edited by Aleksandra Kostic)
Association for Culture and Education KIBLA
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Space Architecture (edited by Rachel Armstrong)
Architectural Design
Vol 70 No 2 March 2000
John Wiley & Sons Ltd., New York
ISBN: 0-471-86438-2
Body Probe
Torture Garden 2 - Mutant Flesh and Cyber Primitives
Edited by David Wood
Alien Abduction and Sex in Space by Dr Rachel Armstrong
Creation Books; 1 edition (December 15, 1999)
Sci-Fi Aesthetics (edited by Dr Rachel Armstrong)
Art & Design
Profile No 56
Academy Group Ltd.
London, 1997
ISBN: 0-471-97855-8
Totally Wired: Science, Technology and the Human Form
By Dr Rachel Armstrong
Publishers, Institute of Contemporary Arts,
London, 16 Apr-13 May 1996)
Punk Science
Dr Rachel Armstrong
Cybersociology Issue Five
Cyborg Film Making
Dr Rachel Armstrong
Cybersociology Issue Five
  Medicine and the Media: Surgery as Satire
Dr Rachel Armstrong
1996;312:1308 (18 May)
Orlan: Public Money and Public Profile
By Dr Rachel Armstrong
Submitted by

on Thursday, 2 October, 2008
"Post-Human Evolution," Artifice
Dr Rachel Armstrong, P 53-63
Black Dog Publishers, London (1995)
More Women Travel : Adventures and Advice from More Than 60 Countries
by Natania Jansz, Miranda Davies
‘A Troubled Guest’ by Dr Rachel Armstrong
Rough Guides (Firm)
Published by Distributed by Penguin Books USA, 1995
ISBN 1858280982, 9781858280981

Rachel Armstrong on the Web
Website: Rachel Armstrong at the Bartlett
Website: Cytoplasmic Manifesto

Website: Human Reproduction in Space

New York Timelapse Video HD shot with Canon Eos 7d

Shot with Canon EOS 7d.

Canon lenses: 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 USM, 28-135 f3.5-5.6, 50mm f1.4 USM, 75-300mm f4-5.6 III USM, Pro Optic 8mm f3.5. Canon TC 80N3 intervalometer used mostly with Little Bramper for sunrise/sunset shots.

Music: Explosions in the Sky – ‘First Breath After Coma’

Contact: james@clearviewmedia.tv

Las cosas no salieron como esperábamos: Conferencia de José Luis de Vicente en el 13 Festival Internacional ZEMOS98

Los proyectos inacabados, inflexibles al paso del tiempo, lo oculto tras ideas misteriosas o simplemente que no fueron suficientemente explicadas. José Luis de Vicente nos muestra veinte proyectos que por su propia singularidad merecen ser contados, traducidos o simplemente formar parte de un compendio anecdótico de arqueología arquitectónica.


EDUCATE: support the implementation of environmental sustainability as an integral part of architectural design education

EDUCATE partners are engaging with the implementation of a Pilot Study aimed at testing the pedagogical developments described within the ‘Framework for Curriculum Development’, available for download from http://www.educate-sustainability.eu/educate-framework.php
In order to support the implementation of environmental sustainability as an integral part of architectural design education, such developments have included the setting up of new module syllabuses and the utilisation of innovative educational methodologies and tools, such as those offered by the EDUCATE Portal.
The EDUCATE Portal has been designed as an interactive e-learning system centred around a comprehensive Knowledge Base, where the cognitive domains of Issues & Principles, Applications & Case Studies and Tools are extensively presented. Significant work is currently undergoing to develop and test the effectiveness of the facilities provided by the Portal in supporting teaching and learning in pre- and post-professional education. Given the novelty of the EDUCATE Portal, its structure has been developed so to incorporate considerable flexibility, allowing the system configuration to be adapted according to the pedagogical requirements of each participating institution.
Students enrolled in modules taking part to the Pilot Study are able to perform a number of functions on the Portal, including the possibility to interact with their peers and tutors. Students are primarily given access to the Knowledge Base, freely searching for contents or being directed via customised Reading Lists arranged by their tutors. A Discussion forum can be set up so that each group of users can share comments, posts, information, data, links, etc., with their fellow colleagues. If during the development of a project, students are unable to find a solution to a particular design problem, they can be given the possibility of browsing through a list of Frequently Asked Question or may decide to directly ask a question to a tutor, tagging their query with topics from the Knowledge Base chosen from drop-down menus. Questions can be accompanied by an annotated sketch to facilitate the answer by their tutor. The Portal also offers the possibility of managing design studios online. Students are in fact given the possibility to upload work for interim or final assessment during the course of a project and require feedback from a tutor or from their peers. The reviews of other students’ work may form part of a student’s final assessment. Finally, students may have an option to create an e-Portfolio of their finalized work, which can be available for public access.
EDUCATE partners are also collaborating with participating Chambers of Architects to set up customised Professional spaces, where practitioners can be given access to the Knowledge Base and eventually to CPD areas consisting of guided Reading Lists and dedicated Discussion forums. If agreed with professional bodies, during the Pilot Study practitioners may also be provided with a list of Frequently Asked Questions relevant to a specific topic, and engage with experts at participating institutions. Further information on the development and preliminary results of the Pilot Study will be given in following issues of EDUCATE News!
For more information about EDUCATE, please see the project website:
http://www.educate-sustainability.eu <http://www.educate-sustainability.eu/>

Cities Centre: News


Congratulations to Lake Sagaris, who was recently awarded the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2011 at the Velo-City 2011 conference. The judges state “Lake Sagaris is an outstanding example of how a committed activist can raise public awareness and mobilize citizens in a joint effort to demand a livable city. The results of her great dedication and professionalism are an inspiration not only to Chile but also to the rest of the world.” Lake is a Ph.D. student in Geography, working under the supervision of Professor Andre Sorensen, and president of Ciudad Viva (Living City) in Santiago, Chile …more
Everyone is invited to attend the graduate student presentations for JPG1111: Research Practice in Geography and Planning. Students will present their proposals from 3 to 5 pm in Sid Smith 2125 on Tuesday, April 5. Please feel free to drop by and learn more about their interesting research projects. Delicious snacks will be served.
Today is the last day to register at the reduced early-bird rate—a savings of $100—for this year's Complete Streets Forum taking place on Thursday, April 28 at Hart House followed by a full day of workshops on Friday, April 29. Cities Centre is proud to co-sponsor this event. Some of the world’s foremost authorities on active transportation as keynote speakers for this event: Mia Birk from Portland, Oregon (President of Alta Planning + Design and author of Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet); Michel Labrecque from Montréal, Quebec (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Société de transport de Montréal and former President of Vélo Québec); Roelof Wittink from Utrecht, The Netherlands (founding member of I-CE and recipient of the 2010 Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion from the Cycling Embassy of Denmark). Special note for students: A few ING Direct Student Scholarships are still available at a reduced rate of $50. For more details, contact networkorange@ingdirect.ca. The Forum is organized by the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT), a project of the Clean Air Partnership; this is TCAT's fourth annual active transportation policy conference. …register
Martin Prosperity Institute published an Insight on March 30, Jobs and Amenities: Modeling Talent Mobility and Regional Satisfactionlink
Call for Presentations 18th annual A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium – Water: The Future of the Source due April 8 more

Call for Applications Authors Meet Critics Joint initiative of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR) and the Studies in Urban and Social Change book series published by Wiley-Blackwell will award 20 grants to Ph.D candidates or Ph.Ds in the early stages of their career. Due April 10more

Job Opportunity University of Toronto seeks a Lecturer in Urban Studies, 1 year term, applications due April 14more
Call for Volunteers Jane’s Walk taking place May 7-8 …more

Call for Presentations IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Conference September 22-24, Toronto. Apply by April 20more
Call for Applications CERIS Graduate Student Research Award Graduate students are invited to apply for ten awards of up to $500.00 to support significant research projects on immigration and settlement issues in Ontario. Due 4pm, April 29more
Call for Submissions The Urban Studies Foundation is pleased to announce that it is funding the first round of a competition to host an urban research seminar series. The Foundation will fund up to £20,000 of reasonable costs and expenses for the running of the event. There are no geographical restrictions. Submissions are invited for seminar or conference events taking place during the 12 months following the closing date for applications (30 April). For further information please contact Kenneth Gibb, Urban Studies Journal, Scotland at Lindsey.Towers@glasgow.ac.uk.
Call for Papers “Queen Jane Jacobs” - Jane Jacobs and paradigm shifts in urban planning and urban redevelopment HafenCity University, Hamburg, May 12-13. Abstracts due May 4. For more information: Prof. Dr. Dirk Schubert, HafenCity University Hamburg, dirk.schubert@hcu-hamburg.de.
Call for Entries American Society of Landscape Architecture Professional and Student Awards Due Friday, May 6 for Student Award …more
Call for Entries 2011 Toronto Urban Design Awards City of Toronto. Due Thursday, May 19more
Call for Nominations Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Excellence in Education Award Due May 31more
Call for Nominations Heritage Toronto Awards Categories: William Greer Architectural Conservation and Craftsmanship, Book, Media, Community Heritage Award. Due June 1more
Call for Book Proposals Lorimer is a Toronto-based book publisher focusing on the following subject areas: economics, education, gender studies, history, native studies, political science, public policy, sociology, and urban studies. They are actively looking for book proposals and will carefully consider all submissions that fall within their publishing mandate. Please send a covering letter, outline, writing sample, and cv to: Editorial Director, Lorimer, 317 Adelaide St. W., Suite 1002, Toronto, ON M5V 1P9.
Call for Nominations 2011 Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards Entries due August 31more

Friday, April 1, 12noon-2pm: Immigration Dialectic: Imagining Community, Economy and Nation Harald Bauder, Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Immigration and Settlement Studies, Geography Department, Ryerson University. 340 Church Street / 60 Gould Street, Kerr Hall East, Room 321A, Ryerson University. Presented by CERIS. All welcome. Please RSVP to cerisadm@yorku.camore
Friday, April 1, 12:30-2pm: Shifting Empowerment, Remixing Values Heather Haynes (Toronto Free Gallery) & Mark Campbell (northsidehiphop.ca, Sociology & Equity Department at OISE). The City Institute at York University (CITY), 305 York Lanes …more
Friday, April 1, 4-5:30pm: Critically Assessing Conservation: Reflections from the Field Dr. Zinta Zommers, Wildlife Conservation Research Group, University of Oxford. Environment and Development Seminar and Jane Goodall Scholarship Presentation. Presented jointly by the Centre for Environment and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. Room 1050, Reichman Auditorium, 5 Bancroft Avenue, University of Toronto, Earth Sciences Centre. Free event, limited seating, tickets required http://cfeandjgi2011.eventbrite.com/more
Monday, April 4, 12:30-2pm: Arbitration, Equity, and Summary Justice in Eighteenth Century London Greg Smith, Department of History, University of Manitoba. Presented by Centre of Criminology. Boardroom (Room 265), 14 Queen's Park Cres. W …more
Tuesday, April 5, 7:30pm: Rabih Mroué with Elle Flanders Urban Field Speakers Series, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, 401 Richmond St. West, Suite 124. For more information: info@prefix.ca.
Wednesday, April 6, 6pm: The Power of Pro Bono: 40 Stories about Design for the Public Good by Architects and their Clients John Cary, President and CEO of Next American City and former executive director of Public Architecture. Presented by The Centre for City Ecology at Urbanspace Gallery,401 Richmond Street West. Followed by reception, book sale and signing. Please RSVP to johncary-at-urbanspace-gallery.eventbrite.com
Thursday, April 7, 5:30-7:30pm: Changing the Channel on the Immigration Debate Frank Sharry, Founder and Executive Director of America’s Voice, former Executive Director of the National Forum on Immigration and well-known leader, activist and trainer on messaging and media. The evening will be hosted by Ratna Omidvar, President of Maytree who will engage Frank in an informal conversation. Presented by Maytree. The Arts & Letters Club, 14 Elm Street, Toronto. Free, limited seating, ticket required …more
Thursday, April 7, 7:30pm: Alex Sainsbury in Conversation with Margaret Zeidler Urban Field Speakers Series, programmed by Janine Marchessault and Scott McLeod and presented by Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art in association with the Visible City Project and Archive of York University. Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, 401 Richmond St. West, Suite 124. For tickets and info: info@prefix.ca.
Friday, April 8, 12noon-2pm: Sex Trafficking of Women to Canada: Results from a Qualitative Metasynthesis of Empirical Research Natalya Timoshkina, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, York University. Richard Ericson Seminar Room, Centre for Criminology, University of Toronto, 14 Queen’s Park Crescent W. Please RSVP to cerisadm@yorku.camore
Wednesday, April 13, 11am (Toronto): Community Policing: Finding Common Ground with Immigrant Communities Cities of Migration webinar …more and register
Wednesday, April 13, 4-5:30pm: Development charges across Canada: Can they be used to promote sustainability? Keynote Speaker: Mia Baumeister, Master of Urban and Regional Planning Candidate, University of Toronto. 2011 Graduate Fellowship Seminar Series presented by Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance …more and register
Thursday, April 14, 12:30-2pm: Power/Knowledge Failure: The East German Secret Police, the Opposition, and the End of Socialism Andreas Glaeser, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago. Presented by Centre of Criminology, co-sponsored with CERES. Boardroom (Room 265), 14 Queen's Park Cres. W …more
Thursday, April 14, 1-5pm: Moving Forward: Older Immigrant Women Speak Up Supported by funding from Department of Justice Canada for the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week: Many Voices, Many Paths. ENG 102, George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, Ryerson University. Please RSVP chula.madamage@ryerson.ca.
Thursday, April 14, 6-9pm: 15th Annual Friends of Planning Spring Social “Luminato: Painting the Canvas of a City” presented by Mr. Tony Gagliano, Co-Founder of Luminato, President of the AGO Board of Trustees and Executive Chairman and CEO of St. Joseph Communications. Great Hall, Hart House, University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle …register and more
Friday, April 15, 12noon-2pm: Immigrant Professionals in Ontario: Rebuilding Professional Lives as Settlement Workers Adnan Turegun, Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa. Presented by CERIS. Room 519, York Research Tower, York University. Please RSVP to cerisadm@yorku.camore
Friday, April 15, 9am-5pm: HUBURBS: Metrolinx Mobility Hub Symposium Hosted by the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto and generously supported by Metrolinx. Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Avenue. Free admission, RSVP required: nene.brode@daniels.utoronto.camore
Monday, April 18, 12noon-1:30pm: "ÅRE-Project," How to Design a City! Dag Holmgren, Professor in Industrial Design, Designer MSD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical School of Engineering, Jönköping. Brown Bag Lunch presentation at Martin Prosperity Institute, MaRS Centre, 101 College Street, Ste. 420, 4th Floor …more
Tuesday, April 19, 3-4:30pm: Embodied Geographies Down Under: Race, Ethnicity And Lesbian And Gay Bodies In Australia Andrew Gorman-Murray, Professor, Geography Dept., University of Wollongong, NSW Australia. Sponsored by the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies and the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. University College Rm 251.
Wednesday, April 20, 2-7:30pm: Design & Innovation Forum Christina Kakaflikas, Manager Special Projects, Markham Economic Development; Samantha Sannella, President and CEO, Design Exchange; Davide Tonizzo, Design D. Presented by Town of Markham, Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario, and Design Exchange. Markham Convergence Centre. Information and registration: ckakaflikas@markham.ca.
Wednesday, April 27, 8:30am-3:30pm: RBC Conference: Civic Engagement and Economic Development in Canadian Cities 9:15-10:15am“Regional Stewards and Economic Innovation” presented by Doug Henton, Chairman and CEO, Collaborative Economics Inc.; 10:30-11:30am “The Social Dynamics of Economic Governance In Canadian City-Regions: Theory And Practice” presented by Neil Bradford, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Western Ontario ; 11:30am-12:30pm “Civic Governance and Social Inclusion In Ottawa” presented by Caroline Andrew, Professor, School of Political Studies and Director, Centre for Governance, University of Ottawa; 12:30-2:30pm “Reflections On Civic Leadership” presented by Gord Nixon, President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada; 2:30-3:30pm “Civic Engagement and Civic Leadership in Toronto’s Future” presented by David Wolfe, Professor, Political Science and RBC Chair in Public and Economic Policy, University of Toronto. George Ignatieff Theatre, Larkin Building, 15 Devonshire Place, University of Toronto …register for sessions and more
Thursday, April 28, 12noon-2pm: Social Innovation and Collaboration Presenters include Jeff Melanson, Executive Director and Co-CEO of Canada’s National Ballet School and Art’s Advisor to the Mayor of Toronto; Dr. Hooley McLaughlin, Chief Science Officer and Vice President of Science Experience; Naki Osutei, Vice-President of Strategy for the VP, Strategy, Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance; and Director of Youth Programs at the Design Exchange Katie Weber. The salon will be hosted by Executive Director of the Children’s Own Museum and Founder of the Monkey and the Lotus Studio, Che Marville. Presented by Design Exchange and Childrens Own Museum. The Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street, Patty Watt Room. Register: daniela.mason@dx.orgmore
Friday, April 29, 7:30-11am: Congestion Rising - Understanding the Consequences of the New Geography of Office Employment Session Moderator: Fred Eisenberger, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute. Keynote Presentation: Glenn Miller, FCIP, RPP, vice president, CUI and Iain Dobson, Principal, Real Estate Search Corporation and senior associate, CUI. Plus an Expert Panel. Canadian Urban Institute Urban Leadership Series, cosponsored by the Toronto Office Coalition. Sutton Place Hotel, Stop 33, 955 Bay St. …register and more
Friday, April 29, 12noon-2pm: Citizenship and Urban Space: Intersections of Belonging, Housing and Settlement for Newcomers to Kingston - Galloway / Orton Park Girish Daswani, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto. Presented by CERIS, Room 246, Anthropology Department, 19 Russell Street, University of Toronto. Please RSVP to cerisadm@yorku.camore
Thursday, May 12: Toronto The Good Presented by ERA Architects, co-sponsored by Cities Centre. Great Hall, Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto. Details TBA.
Thursday, June 9, 5-9pm: Urban Leadership Awards 2011 Presented by Canadian Urban Institute. Liberty Grand, 25 British Columbia Road, Exhibition Place, Renaissance Room …more and register
Saturday, June 11, 10:30am-3:30pm: Geotrip to Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill Organized by UTAGA and Senior College …moreregister
April 1-2: Out of Water John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design 230 College Street, Auditorium, Room 103 …more
April 7-8: Toward a New Globalization: The Challenge of Innovation Program of the 3rd CRISES International Symposium Université du Québec à Montréal …more
Friday, April 15, 9am-5pm: HUBURBS: Metrolinx Mobility Hub Symposium Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto. Free admission, RSVP required: nene.brode@daniels.utoronto.camore
April 16: Finding Meaning in Multiculturalism 40 Years Later CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre Graduate Student Conference, Ryerson University. For more information: internsforceris@gmail.commore
April 20-22: Staging Sustainability Accolade East Building, Keele campus, York University …more
April 23: Revisiting Suburbia 10th Annual Graduate Art History Student Association Symposium, York University. Information ahgsay.comm@gmail.commore
April 27: RBC Conference: Civic Engagement and Economic Development in Canadian Cities Keynote speaker: Gord Nixon, President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada. Other speakers include Doug Henton, Chairman and CEO, Collaborative Economics Inc.; Neil Bradford, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Western Ontario ; Caroline Andrew, Professor, School of Political Studies and Director, Centre for Governance, University of Ottawa; David Wolfe, Professor, Political Science and RBC Chair in Public and Economic Policy, University of Toronto. George Ignatieff Theatre, Larkin Building, 15 Devonshire Place, University of Toronto …register and more
April 28-29: Complete Streets Forum Presented by Clean Air Partnership, co-sponsored by Cities Centre. Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto ..more
May 2-3: Water Finance Program Centre for Environment …more
May 12-13 “Queen Jane Jacobs” - Jane Jacobs and paradigm shifts in urban planning and urban redevelopment HafenCity University, Hamburg. For more information: dirk.schubert@hcu-hamburg.de.
May 25-26 Carbon Finance Workshop Centre for Environment, University of Toronto, Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle …more and register
May 31-June 1: 2nd Annual Greening Government Conference Toronto Board of Trade …more
June 3-5: 2011 Ontario Heritage Conference Town of Cobourg …more
June 14-15: Transforming and Revitalizing Downtown Summit Metro Toronto Convention Centre …more
June 21-23: Canadian Housing and Renewal Association Annual Congress Regina …more
August 22-26: Montreal 2011 EcoCity World Summitmore
August 26-29: Urban Morphology and the Post-Carbon City 18th International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF), Montreal. Reduced registration fee before April 2 more
September 22-24: IIDEX/NEOCON Canada National Design Expo and Conference Direct Energy Centre, Toronto …more
Oct. 3-4: Canadian Brownfields 2011 Presented by Canadian Urban Institute and Canadian Brownfields Network. Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place, Toronto …more
October 12-14: Ontario Professional Planners Institute 2011 Conference Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa …more
Continuing to July 15: MOCKED UP: IN FOOTNOTES ― Beyond Office dA Nader Tehrani, a founder of Office dA and the newly formed NADAAA. He is the 2010-2011 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design at the University of Toronto. John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto, 230 College Street …more

Concurso de ideas con intervención de jurado para la redacción del Plan de Mejora Urbana entorno de la Plaza Josep Barangé en Granollers.

Concurso de ideas con intervención de jurado para la redacción del Plan de Mejora Urbana; si fuera procedente, modificación del POUM para la reforma urbanística y de nueva centralidad del entorno de la Plaza Josep Barangé en Granollers.

Las tres mejores propuestas ganadoras, recibirán la cantidad de 3.000,00 euros cada una y serán invitadas a participar en un nuevo contrato de servicios que el Ayuntamiento de Granollers pondrá en marcha en el futuro, de acuerdo lo previsto en el artículo 158.d) de la LCSP, mediante procedimiento negociado sin publicidad, para poder adjudicar al concursante que se declare ganador la redacción del Plan de Mejora Urbana y en su caso, de la Modificación del POUM de Granollers.

Valor estimado del contrato: 9.000,00 EUR (sin IVA)

ENTREGA: 07-06-2011


Ayuntamiento de Granollers Pl. de la Porxada, 6 | 08401 Granollers | Telèfon 938 426 610 e-mail: contractacio@ajuntament.granollers.cat

Cambiando Paradigmas En La Educación - Ken Robinson (Subtitulada)

Parte de una muy interesante conferencia dada por Ken Robinson en RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) de Londres, presentada en formato de Animación Scribing (animación de un dibujo en sincronía con una charla).
Algunas ideas expresadas en el video son:
No tenemos idea cómo será la economía en el futuro pero la educación actual se esfuerza en preparar a los niños para que se adapten a ella.
El sistema educativo fue diseñado y concebido en un contexto histórico diferente al actual, sin embargo las instituciones educativas utilizan los mismos métodos.
Hoy en día tener un título universitario no garantiza que se conseguirá un trabajo, nuestros niños lo saben muy bien.
El concepto más dañino es que existen dos tipos de personas: las académicas (inteligentes) y las no académicas (no inteligentes).
El trastorno por déficit de atención NO ES UNA EPIDEMIA, es normal que los niños presten menos atención a los contenidos y modos de transmisión que les resultan aburridos.
El sistema actual desvaloriza las experiencias estéticas que estimulan los sentidos, priorizando las "anestésicas" que terminan convirtiéndonos en zombies.
Las escuelas todavía están organizadas como líneas de pruducción de fábricas, los niños son clasificados por edad.
Creatividad es el proceso de tener ideas originales que tienen valor.
La capacidad de pensar de forma creativa es natural en los niños, pero se pierde con el tiempo.

World Architecture Festival is back! Entries open Friday 1 April – 30th June 2011.


World Architecture Festival
2-4 November 2011
CCIB, Barcelona

Please see full information on the website www.worldarchitecturefestival.com and download our entries brochure here http://www.emapconferences.co.uk/wafdownloads/_nocache
As a highly valued contact Save 25% on all WAF entries and visitor passes for you and your team – that’s a saving up to €142.50 per entry Plus! this year all WAF entries and visitor passes are buy one get one free.

To claim this discount quote VIP code MPEMAIL when entering online at: www.worldarchitecturefestival.com

Further details can be found in the entry brochure available to download here: http://www.emapconferences.co.uk/wafdownloads/_nocache

WAF is an unmissable fixture in the global architecture calender, enter your best projects today to be at the centre of the largest celebration of outstanding architecture to take place anywhere in the world.
Enter World Architecture Festival Awards to:
1. Raise your profile, impress clients and secure work by winning one of 30 WAF Awards including the prestigious World Building of the Year
2. Win acclaim and new business - all shortlisted entrants present live at WAF in front of peers, clients and critics from across the world
3. Showcase your work to a global audience - every single entry is exhibited in our awards gallery to be viewed by 1500+ visitors from over 65 countries
4. Guarantee permanent listing on http://www.worldbuildingsdirectory.com , the definitive guide to global architecture which receives 1000+ visits a day
5. Increase your exposure worldwide - all category and section winners will be publicised globally and work with our dedicated PR agency
6. Take home a WAF trophy. Being shortlisted or winning a coveted WAF Award will show your current and prospective clients that you are best at what you do
Download our entry brochure for full information: http://www.emapconferences.co.uk/wafdownloads/_nocache

Our amazing super jury for 2011 include:

Michael Sorkin, Principal of Michael Sorkin Studio, Ben Van Berkel, Co-founder of UNstudio, Jo Noero, Principal of Noero Wolff Architects, Odile Decq, Principal of ODBC and Professor Kongjian Yu, Principal of Turenscape. Follow this link to see all our judges: https://www.worldarchitecturefestival.com/judging_judges.cfm

What to do next:
Firstly decide what projects you want to enter – remember you save 25% and all projects are buy one get one free for 2011
Then just follow our simple entry process:
1. Create your account at www.worldarchitecturefestival.com
2. Choose the category that you want to enter your projects into – remember you can enter a project into more than one category
3. Tell us the name of the project you are entering
4. Pay for your entry
5. Create your online entry by adding images for the project, your details, a description and any professional credits – all entries must be completed by 30 June 2011
6. Submit your exhibition boards and hi-res images – exhibition boards and images must be submitted by 1 July 2011
Download our entry brochure for full information: http://www.emapconferences.co.uk/wafdownloads/_nocache
It’s as easy as that, so what’s stopping you? Open your WAF account today here http://www.worldarchitecturefestival.com/login.cfm and take the first step to joining the biggest global architectural community and celebration of excellence you will find anywhere in the world.
We look forward to receiving your entry!
Best wishes,





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